Prose: How To Kill a Meatloaf?

Birds. Sounds. Nature. Tweet, roar and more. A morning call to arms. HELP! Save us, nature. You know us so well. They laugh. She. Is here in all of us. You. To share the love. Hugs. Neighbors, not now. Later. Our skin is thin. Within us, there is. Who? You? Me? We? Together, but not. At last. Wanted to be on the same page. Can’t stop. Think. Too numb. Mechanical sometimes. Read and read and study and learn. And, STOP. A house in the country, that’s what this sounds like. Far away, from them and those. But these, these can stay. Do they believe in guns? Never. Not I. What if hungry? Just kill what you want for supper. But how do you kill a meatloaf?

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