WTF is Wrong with People?!

Dozens of Armed Gun Advocates Protest Gun-Control Moms in Restaurant Parking Lot – via Grub Street

I’m absolutely speechless. Are your senseless guns really that important? Though this pretty much fits with an overheard conversation yesterday re: the “freak” Obama and the “crack-addict” mayor of New Jersey, Bill Christie. People, if you’re going to spread hatred, at least get your facts straight first. I thought we were supposed to evolve at some point. Folks, common sense has left the building.

To read more, visit Facebook or Grub Street.

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  1. Susan says:

    After just seeing 12 years a slave which is a true story from 1840s, I wonder if we will ever be kind.


  2. I know what you mean, Susan. Compassion shouldn’t be this hard to give. How strange are human beings? Love to you. xo


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