Prose: Louisiana’s Sadistic Seduction

no matter how many tragedies are endured. no matter how hard the struggle to release the past’s rough attempts to grab me backward. no matter how many travels are planned in attempt to break the bonds, erase the pain, become someone new. louisiana keeps its hold. doesn’t want to let go. feeds me memories with the roar of pick-up trucks, the humid scent of pine and cedar and storm-soaked leaves, the sing-song sparrows, the chaotic roam of fire ants, the southern drawl that comes with a smile and a nosy known-each-other-all-our-lives welcome. through all the pain, the tears, the tragedies relieving every ounce of energy, louisiana hugs me through it all, saying in it’s deliciously twisted, co-dependent way, “it’s ok baby, let it out. there there. you’re home now. you’re home.”

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