Prose: What Makes Sense – Thursday, June 11, 2012

Lucy Amelie Cassese

Things that made sense today:
Taking the bus to Ballard.
Buying water on a warm, dehydrated day.
Purchasing a bottle of Bordeaux and a box of Petits Ecoliers.
Holding Kirsten’s sleeping newborn for two hours.
Texting ridiculousness with a friend I’ve never met.
The sunshine.
Boats gliding along Lake Union.
Panang Curry and Fried Spring Rolls for dinner.
Listening to a hypnosis CD.
Opening the mailbox to find the latest Condé Nast Traveler.
Dreaming of escape.
Going to bed at 9pm.

Things that did not make sense today:
Leaving home without the card I bought.
The weird young guy on the bus, cursing, listening to music, playing musical chairs and wearing a wool cap, a heavy Yankees jacket and giant headphones.
The bus driver telling the elderly man to “sit down” without saying “please.”
Parents yelling at their children.
Watching Melancholia.
The lady watering the sidewalk … and the front door.
The lady’s son playing with a catnip ball.
The boring France vs. England Euro Cup game.
Not making it to Golden Gardens.
Begging someone to call me.

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