Prose: Remembering…

Looking through fashion magazines dreaming of becoming a model/designer.
Learning which fork/spoon was for what dish and not to tap my silverware on my plate or against my teeth.
Dreaming of becoming a flight attendant and discovering the world.
Looking through culinary magazines and “fancy” restaurant menus with Mom and pretending to choose our desired menu for the evening.
Tasting and learning about new foods at international food festivals in the mall.
Eating pu pu platters and drinking shirley temples with Mom.
Playing dress-up with used shrugs, wedding and bridesmaid dresses and cheerleading outfits bought at New-2-U as a surprise from Mom.
Watching Prince Charles and Princess Diana get married.
Pretending that one day I might marry a prince.
Designing pretend mansions with Kerri naming all of the rooms, our kids and our husbands.
Drawing pics of characters and giving them names, hobbies and lives.
Singing along to records at the top of my lungs.
Building forts for me and pretend condos for my Barbies.
Writing plays and putting them on in the yard with neighborhood kids.
Eating sloppy Joe’s.
Writing passionate love poems … as a virgin.
Flirting … as a virgin.
Making necklaces with flowers in the yard.
Searching for four-leaf clovers.
Playing with my dogs.
The scent of dusty rain and freshly mowed grass.
My first kiss.
My first time in Paris and London.
When life was full of wonder.
When things weren’t so attainable.
When dreams were dreams.

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