Dreams: It All Starts with a Dream…

(i did not take this picture.)

i had a dream last night that i was on a school trip in london. prince william was hanging out a lot with us, and we got quite close. we really wanted to be together, but it was just too complicated. then i found out the wedding would take place the following saturday. i was so excited to at least be in the same city where it was happening, figuring i’d blend into the crowd and watch along with everyone else. it would be impossible to have assigned seats for me and the group. but then when william had to leave (the next day he’d be getting married), he slipped some notes in my hand, including instructions on what to wear, how to get there, and what time. i looked at the note briefly, not wanting everyone to notice, and saw 6:30 on the time, and “wear the rose dress” – it was a beautiful satiny rose dress with a low, square neckline, rather 50s style and a bit poofy. the directions were on a separate note. i wasn’t sure what i was supposed to do with the stack of clothes he’d given me though. was i supposed to pretend to be the fitter to get in? i went back to the room, and the carpeted floor was wet. they (the teachers) said it was normal though. but it really wasn’t. i’d flung the notes somewhere by mistake, and went back to find them, but they were lost among a stack of stuff. a friend was trying to help me find them, but to no avail. i had something i’d wanted to tell him about what we had in common regarding our mothers. but i didn’t want to make him sad before his big day. nothing really happened between us – i awoke too soon – but i woke up with this incredible hope that things would be just fine. i guess it was also nice to be flirted with by prince william. his smile really was delicious. but i would never be able to deal with not being able to go when and where i wanted, nor be publicized around the world as a home wrecker.

cheers to prince william and his future bride catherine middleton!

(i didn’t take this picture either.)

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