Ruminations: A Day Like Any Other?

When I was little, I wanted to be either an elementary special ed teacher or a commercial artist. I started learning sign language, and then dreamed of drawing models and the latest fashions in newspapers and magazines. I wrote a lot of stories and scenarios, created plays featuring the neighborhood children to act out for our friends and families, and learned to make éclairs for Mom after consistently dreaming of them and writing menus while recuperating from a botched tonsillectomy at age 16. At one point I wanted to get married (to Prince Charming) in Spain wearing a mantilla just like my runaway dad wanted for my mom before she got pregnant. Then my love turned to France, namely Paris, over which I would obsess for years. Fast forward a bit to my next wedding fantasy: proposed to in a hot air balloon, married in Vegas on roller skates by Elvis; and celebrate at a kick-ass reception in Louisiana surrounded by every single one of my friends and family. Though from time to time I still think of teaching, I have no idea what I’d believe in enough to teach. Thus current career and home goals now include writing, designing and making films from my comfy yet stylish bungalow/apt./house/loft while listening to finally-discovered perfect classical tunes, and creating exquisite yet simple dishes for me, Nana, my friends, my lover, and my sweet, fluffy (but not sheddy) canine, Braxton Muffy III (there is neither a I nor II). There are other things/people I could include in this scenario, and there are things I would change about how human beings interact with one another. But I am no god, and can only do my part… and dream about the rest of it.

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